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Surf... Feel the freedom!



The Peruvian north has extraordinary conditions for the practice of water sports, especially those that depend on perfect waves and even winds. The practice of surfing in Máncora is almost a religion: from small local children to older people, they live together on the warm beaches of northern Peru.


If you are only going to surf in Máncora or Organos (not in Lobitos), we recommend only swimwear, perhaps a short wetsuit, for dates between May and November). If you want to go to Lobitos, we recommend a long thin wetsuit (3-2mm) for most of the year, except in summer.


Being located on the front line, you can go every day walking along the beach to the point, to enjoy this spectacular sport.


If you need surf lessons or material rental, do not hesitate to ask us so that we can advise you as best as possible.

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