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Info Covid 19

  The protection and safety of our guests and our team has always been a priority for us and that is why in the current situation we have adopted a series of additional measures to offer you a reliable experience.


Before entering our facilities, in compliance with the sectoral protocols issued by government authorities, the temperature will be measured and recorded. If this is greater than 38ºC, entry will not be allowed in compliance with current legislation and the Health Authorities will be informed.

Once they have entered the facilities, their belongings (suitcases, purses, etc.) will be disinfected with the appropriate products and with an ultraviolet ray lamp for greater security. They will also be requested to proceed with the disinfection of hands and footwear properly and to wear their mask correctly placed and in good condition, as we also do with our collaborators and suppliers.


Due to the health regulations issued by the Government in the current situation, while they are in force and to safeguard your health, the configuration of a double room with separate beds and Triple Junior Suites will only be provided in the event that the reservation holder provides a declaration sworn where it appears that the occupants of said room are part of the same nucleus of family coexistence. In case of not receiving said Sworn Declaration, they will only be offered with matrimonial configuration. In compliance with current health regulations, the capacity of some types of rooms has been modified for your protection. The Department without kitchen will have a maximum capacity of 4 guests and the Family Junior Suite will have a maximum capacity of 3 people. The rooms that have a cabin are also subject to restrictions according to the new regulations in force, so the use of the superior cabin is not allowed at the moment. We have reduced frequent contact points and applied even more rigor in disinfecting those that could not be eliminated, such as remote controls, switches and plugs, curtains, safes, telephones, hair dryers, etc.


                                                CANCELLATION POLICY


We have made adjustments to our cancellation policies to provide maximum flexibility during these times. • Reservations canceled up to 30 days before the arrival date: we will not charge you fees and the deposit will be returned if it has been made. • 30 days before arrival, 50% of the amount of the stay will be charged once the conditions of use of the facilities in the context of Covid19 have been accepted and the authorization of the remote payment on the card consigned at the time of the reservation by the pending amounts of your reservation and consumption generated in the establishment during your stay. If these two express confirmations are not provided, the reservation is considered to have been canceled by the client. • Once the reservation is confirmed by charging 50% and due to the current context, if you need to change the dates of your stay you can do so up to 7 days before* your arrival date. If said modification is not provided within the indicated period, it will be considered a no show with charges. * Any change in the existing reservation will be subject to availability and rate differences. **For any assistance regarding your reservation, please contact our reservations team at or by Whatsapp +51 943 335 202. For reservations made through a travel agent or an online reservation platform (Booking. com, Expedia, etc) please contact them directly for information on their policies and assistance.

                                        HEALTH, SAFETY AND WELLNESS


Our priority is always the health, safety and well-being of our guests and our team and we remain attentive to all the recommendations and procedures indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO), World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) Ministry of Health (MINSA), Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR) and the Regional and Local Authorities. We have implemented a Plan for the Surveillance, Prevention and Control against Covid19 presented to the MINSA on September 15, 2020 that has been carefully designed to minimize risks for all people who are in Suites del Mar.

Changes in cleaning routine:

We have strengthened cleaning procedures by designing a schedule that raises our standard even higher. - Apart from carrying out a rigorous cleaning as has always been done, the rooms are disinfected with hospital-grade products that are authorized by the DIGESA and recommended by the WHO. - Disinfection prior to arrival is complemented by the use of an infrared and ozone lamp with virucidal and germicidal action. Reinforcement of this disinfection through the use of an infrared lamp and ozone during their stay is left to the choice of each client. The instructions for the use and reservation of this service appear in an annex at the end of this document. - We have increased the frequency and processes of cleaning and disinfecting common areas and surfaces with the greatest contact (railings, light switches, lobby, reception desk, etc.) - We have adopted a remote check-in system to minimize physical contact and streamline procedures so that they can concentrate on enjoying themselves from the first minute. - Room keys, credit cards, cash and any other item delivered to reception go through a disinfection process with the most suitable chemical products for each case and also through a disinfection process with ultraviolet rays. The lightning disinfection process takes at least 3 minutes, we appreciate your understanding. - We appreciate your collaboration by prioritizing payment through contactless means (QR codes, bank transfers, etc.) - We have placed disinfection points equipped with alcohol gel in strategic places in our facilities. You will also find suitable containers so that you can dispose of used gloves, masks and handkerchiefs with maximum safety. - In order to reduce the risk as much as possible, our collaborators have received training to carry out their work in this new context. They are also equipped with the appropriate PPE for each type of work. - By means of informative posters, all the people who are on the premises are reminded of the need to respect the safety distance, the use of masks, instructions for correct hand washing, etc.

During the stay:


At Suites del Mar Mancora we are committed to the safety and well-being of our guests and collaborators. To reduce risks and in compliance with current regulations, we have adopted some changes in our services that will be updated based on the regulations promulgated by the Government of the Republic of Peru. - The breakfast service has changed, now you have more options to enjoy it to your liking. You can request breakfast in the room scheduled 24 hours in advance by coordinating with Reception time and food you want and that you can select from the breakfast menu by scanning the QR code on the breakfast menu, or if you prefer you can have your breakfast in our restaurant respecting the capacity and the safety distance.


To minimize the risk of contagion, we have reduced the capacity of our common areas to respect the safety distance between coexistence centers. This restriction also affects the restaurant. We appreciate your collaboration. - The distance between tables has been extended for everyone's safety. We remind you that you can only share a table with the members of your community group and that only they are authorized to assist the minors in your group and/or people with difficulties or special needs. - Our staff has been trained in the handling of food and disinfection of the same, of the utensils used and of their work areas. - In compliance with the Sectoral Protocols issued by Mincetur, the use of the pool, massage room and gym is restricted until their individual protocols are published. Once they have been made known, the use of these services is subject to the regulations indicated by the Government. - The use of the beach is subject to local and government regulations that will be announced as they occur. At the moment it is allowed to walk on the beach, play sports and do water sports, but not to stay on the beach without a mask and without respecting the safety distance between coexistence centers. - We would greatly appreciate it if you could inform any member of the team in the vicinity when you finish using the loungers, Balinese beds, tea room furniture, etc. so that we can disinfect them after use. - If you wish to carry out visits or tourist activities, we recommend that you do so with entities that have implemented their surveillance plan and are duly applying their protocol. We remind you that all these measures are taken for the safety of tourists and to protect the population of Mancora. - We can recommend restaurants and other establishments that are applying sanitary measures in accordance with the Law. - The transport company with which we usually collaborate has the necessary permits to do so and has implemented its health security plan.

REMEMBER: We appreciate your collaboration at all times to maintain and respect all the necessary measures to protect you and our team in the most appropriate way. - In the event that during your stay you have a high temperature or feel symptoms related to Covid19, we would appreciate it if you remain in your room, contact reception by phone or WhatsApp and communicate the situation. You can also call the number 106 (Samu) or 177 (ESSALUD) to talk to State medical specialists and receive more specific guidance on your condition. For our part, we will communicate your case to the Health Authority of the area and we will provide you with the necessary support. - In case it is necessary to transfer to another city with private mobility or to quarantine in our establishment or in another, these expenses are borne by the guest. - For the safety of other guests and our team, you are responsible and agree to notify us if you have symptoms or a confirmed case of Covid19 within 15 (fifteen) days after leaving Suites del Mar. - For the safety of other guests and our team, during the current sanitary framework the restaurant service will be provided only to registered guests and the access of visitors will be restricted. If allowed, they will not be able to stay in the establishment until later than 7:00 p.m. and access to guest rooms is not allowed.




Breakfast in the room: In the room you will find a QR code that will give you access to the food and quantity per person available to be delivered to your room. Before 5:00 p.m. the day before, you must send a Whatsapp to Reception, number +51 943 335 202 indicating the room number and type of breakfast(s) requested per person and the time you wish to receive your breakfast. Reservation of the extra disinfection service with an ultraviolet and ozone lamp: Type C ultraviolet light that kills all types of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. UV radiation penetrates the cell wall of microorganisms and is absorbed by cellular materials, producing mutations in their DNA that are lethal in unicellular organisms. For its part, ozone is recognized by the WHO as a primary disinfectant and is the only complete antiseptic (viruses, bacteria, prions, fungi, yeasts, spores, protozoa...) Microorganisms cannot develop immunity to ozone, since it oxidizes its cell wall, breaking it and directly attacking the constituents of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) The disinfection process with this system must be carried out following a meticulous procedure and compulsorily respecting the execution times. During its application, NO PERSON MAY STAY INSIDE THE ROOM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. UV radiation can irritate the skin and damage the eyes and the application of ozone in the presence of people can irritate the respiratory system. For the application of this disinfection system, the room will first be cleaned and disinfected as usual. After this procedure, the disinfection lamp will be activated behind closed doors for 15 minutes and after its use, the room will be ventilated for a period of time not less than 45 minutes. IF YOU REQUEST THIS ADDITIONAL DISINFECTION SERVICE, YOU AGREE NOT TO ENTER YOUR ROOM UNTIL YOU ARE NOTIFIED THAT THE PROCESS HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED. ANY NON-COMPLIANCE WILL BE UNDER YOUR STRICT RESPONSIBILITY. You must request by WhatsApp indicating your room number and frequency of use of the service you want during your stay (daily, every other day, once on a given day, etc) The service will be requested at least 24 hours in advance so that it can be scheduled, otherwise the request may not be accepted. The provision of this service is subject to availability. Once received within the indicated period, you will be informed of the start and end time by the same means and you must indicate by means of a message by the same means that YOU AGREE NOT TO ENTER YOUR ROOM UNTIL YOU ARE NOTIFIED THAT THE PROCESS HAS CORRECTLY COMPLETED. ANY NON-COMPLIANCE WILL BE UNDER YOUR STRICT RESPONSIBILITY. - If you wish to reserve this procedure, you must explicitly notify the reservations team that you wish to use said machine at least 24 hours before your arrival. You will also need to indicate the frequency of use you want during your stay. This service is subject to availability.

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